​​​​​Please contact us for an accurate breakdown of costs for your consultation. You can contact us by email or on the contact number above.

Initial Consultation up to £240

Follow-up Consultation up to £160

Additional Outpatient Procedures:

  • Endoscopic examination*  £100
  • Ear microsuction**  £100
  • Nasal cautery  £75
  • Hearing test  £60
  • Tympanometry  £40

* Includes Nasendoscopy (examination of sinuses); Laryngoscopy (examination of larynx/throat)

** Removal of ear wax with the use of specialist finely calibrated suction device

Repeat Prescription – no fee is charged

Medical Report - £100 per report

Telephone consultation & email advice – from £70

Telephone and email advice is likely to be charged when a significant amount of advice is involved

Paying for private care

When seeking private medical care you become responsible for settling the fees charged by the consultant, plus any hospital charges and pharmacy costs.  Please confirm with your insurance company whether your policy covers some or all of these costs.  You should check with your insurance company directly.

What will I be charged?

You will receive an invoice for each consultation with additional charges for specific procedures and tests.  This is issued by our accounts handling service; Medserv Ltd.

You may also receive a separate invoice from the hospital where your consultation/ treatment took place, to cover their costs of using and cleaning the equipment provided. This is completely separate to the consultation invoice.  Please enquire directly with the hospital concerned regarding any charges received.

What if I am insured?

Prof Kim is recognised by all the major insurance companies

Some companies have negotiated special rates for consultations and procedures, and these will automatically be applied to your invoice.

There are many variations in policy cover, which differ between companies. Please check with your own insurer on your level of cover.

In almost all cases we charge within insurance company schedules, but your policy may have an excess or shortfall that you are responsible for.

How do I pay?

We will bill your insurer directly where possible.  You will be notified by your insurer of any excess or shortfall payments which should be settled directly with the consultant.  In this instance, you will receive a bill from Medserv to cover the outstanding amount. The practice accepts payment by cheque and via major credit and debit cards.

Self Funding

Following your consultation, you will receive an invoice from Medserv.   You may also be asked to pay for the use and cleaning of equipment by the Hospital (see Hospital Charges below).

Hospital Charges

The Hospital will charge for the use of equipment used in these procedures. This applies to Insured and self-funded patients. This fee is totally separate and is in addition to the consultation fee and procedure charges.  For more information about Hospital charges, please speak to a member of the Hospital Outpatient Team.

For Additional information, please contact:

Tel:  07950 440 575

Email:  enquiry.daekim@gmail.com

GMC Number: 4219752

Private Patient Fees

Private Patients:  07950 440 575


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